Nellee Holmes. Journalist, Hollywood insider and HFPA member who represents Russia  for Golden Globe Awards


Apparently, Nellee holmes has accumulated so much exclusive information that it would be a crime not to launch her YouTube channel. Well, of course: when you are a member of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, the very organization that awards the Golden Globes, it’s a sin not to use your connections. She adapted the format for Russian viewers. So for those who are not strong in English, at least normal Russian subtitles are available — is there no reason for joy? In fact, the Nellee Holmes Show is a selection of news and short interviews on topical cinema topics. Along the way, Nelly shares her thoughts on specific pictures and the situation in Hollywood in general.

In the first twenty-minute episode, several stars and people important to American filmmaking appeared at once: Leonardo DiCaprio , George Clooney, Sacha Baron Cohen and Peter Morgan. With the latter, Holmes discussed the series “The Crown” , of which he is the showrunner. In mid-November, the fourth season of the project was released on Netflix, so it is again at the peak of popularity. Morgan admitted that his mother inspired him to create the series — she was born in the same year as Elizabeth II, to whom this project is dedicated. So, describing the life and reign of the Queen of Great Britain, he partly talks about the past of his own mother.

Nellee Holmes talked to Leonardo DiCaprio on the most unobvious topic — about his plans to play Lenin. More precisely, the journalist herself threw this idea to the actor. Once it seemed to her that he was very similar to Ilyich, and then it started. Leo, it seems, has already resigned himself to his fate and is waiting for a good scenario about the Russian reality of the beginning of the last century. Moreover, in “Survivor” he was already “close to the situation of survival in Siberia.”

With Sasha Baron Cohen, the journalist discussed the release of “Borat 2” , and with Clooney spoke in a nutshell about the film “Midnight Sky”, which he directed. Holmes did not communicate with Johnny Depp in the first episode, but she gave him much more time than everyone else. According to the journalist, the scandal associated with the actor could change the studio system in Hollywood. In short, after Depp lost the libel case against The Sun, he had to leave the role of Grindelwald in the new “Fantastic Beasts”… Numerous fans of the actor called for a boycott of the film, and his ex-wife, Amber Heard, the one who caused everything to go downhill, to be removed from Aquaman 2. And if the second is unlikely to happen (the actress has a cleverly drawn up contract), then the first requirement can ruin Warner Bros. So, in any case, Holmes thinks.

Hollywood for Russian viewers: Johnny Depp, Leonard DiCaprio, Sasha Baron Cohen, author of The Crown, George Clooney were interviewed for the Nellee Holmes Show Watch the video and see how the bridge between Russia and the West is getting smaller

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